Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snowshoe Park Update

As of Monday Dec. 28th, the Snowshoe basin area had both parks open.
Spruce Glades - 3 features: flat down rail, battleship rail, and a good sized kicker.
Powder Monkey Terrain Garden - 6 features: surface box, box, flat down box, up flat rail, barrel, and triangle box.

As of Tuesday Dec. 29th, Silver Creek had both parks open.
Mountaineer - 4 features: up rail, c-box, round down rail (setup semi street style), and a flat rail.
Timberjack Terrain Garden - 11 features: two flat boxes, two flat rails, down rail, three small jumps, two small small jumps, and a conical object.

Pictures of Timberjack Terrain Garden

Start it off with this box, slides real nice by the way.

First set: Small small jump and 10' or so flat rail.

Second set: Small small jump and 10' flat box that may be a bit catchy.

Third set: Conical object and 20' down rail.

Forth set: Small jump and 20' flat rail.

Fifth set: Two small jumps.

Reminder is that we are not employed, affiliated, or paid by Snowshoe or Intrawest. We just want to shed light on the parks left in the dark.

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