Friday, October 30, 2009


After a week of heated debates, bickering, and fist fights... we've decide our plan for the weekend. With four or five gracious offers, one arose from the darkness and thats where we're goin!

The Winner: A short 5 hour drive.

Coming close but too far away. : (

Why watch when somewhere else you can ride.

Then of course, we could go to Liberty Snowflex Center... but no. And then there is always the option of staying home to "trick or treat"... uh no.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this is where were comin from.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Job Jam and Rail Fair!


Not snowy this weekend. : (


Bout to get in trouble.

Just a bit sketchy.

Tis foggy.

Winter on top, fall on bottom.

Boo Knob Rail Jam here SS comes.

Colorful. : )

Dirty windshield in the corner!


The lumrjack.


Sad I had to sit on the sidelines.

Steppin up.

This tree almost claimed a few heads.

Ryan is nosey sometimes.

The lineup.

Git ju sum.

The new box.


Ryan is happy like always.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Its the weekend

Oh yeahhh

Give credit..

Where credit is due. The park staff at app are really turning up the heat. A new terrain park, over 50 features, and straight eye candy feature graphics. Check it:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This Weekend

I am almost certain a few of us will be making it to this event.

Check thier site for more details... Blue Knob

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ze edit.

Here is the edit from monday. Nothin' fancy.. just some good ol' boys enjoying the early goods.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The past few days went like this...

Cue the morning of saturday the 17th...

I like seeing snow.

He rolls coal.

Foggy snow coming down.

Lift it, fat girls can't jump.

First sight of Snowshoe.


Vans patented waffle grip will keep us safe.

The needs.

Not quite whiteout, but hey its Oct. 17th.



Good ole cooking.

Brackfast - gone quick!

Not too sure bout that one, but they needed something to say.

It was funner at night. : )

Hungry for some donuts.

Need I say a word?

Lined up ready to go.

Hard work pays off.

Using the 1.5 inches of snow to our advantage. : l

Get it boy.

The reason we don't have footage of Oct. 17th

So along came monday morning.. Our hearts content to the fact that we would be riding a lift later that day.. or so we thought. Turns out that cataloochee didn't exactly get to make as much snow as they needed. Biggest let down of the week, no doubt. But along with the predicament came opportunity. Snowshoe decided to keep its guns cranking all night.. and thats where we went. Picture timee...

Matt is mad he can't go with us and enjoy the snow.

Melting is sad.


Looky there.

I commend Snowshoe's efforts, there's some deep snow.

First runs of the day.

First tracks recorded (Oct. 19th), first tracks of the season (Oct. 18th).

I do manual labor while Ryan fiddles with the digi.


Hiking is a great October activity.


Should be running.

My new desktop background for sure.

Daylight going into hiding.

Get outta here!

It's time to take a stand!


I had to go, sorry.


Ryan is thirsty.

Top off a great day.

Edit of Monday coming quite soon...