Monday, October 19, 2009

The past few days went like this...

Cue the morning of saturday the 17th...

I like seeing snow.

He rolls coal.

Foggy snow coming down.

Lift it, fat girls can't jump.

First sight of Snowshoe.


Vans patented waffle grip will keep us safe.

The needs.

Not quite whiteout, but hey its Oct. 17th.



Good ole cooking.

Brackfast - gone quick!

Not too sure bout that one, but they needed something to say.

It was funner at night. : )

Hungry for some donuts.

Need I say a word?

Lined up ready to go.

Hard work pays off.

Using the 1.5 inches of snow to our advantage. : l

Get it boy.

The reason we don't have footage of Oct. 17th

So along came monday morning.. Our hearts content to the fact that we would be riding a lift later that day.. or so we thought. Turns out that cataloochee didn't exactly get to make as much snow as they needed. Biggest let down of the week, no doubt. But along with the predicament came opportunity. Snowshoe decided to keep its guns cranking all night.. and thats where we went. Picture timee...

Matt is mad he can't go with us and enjoy the snow.

Melting is sad.


Looky there.

I commend Snowshoe's efforts, there's some deep snow.

First runs of the day.

First tracks recorded (Oct. 19th), first tracks of the season (Oct. 18th).

I do manual labor while Ryan fiddles with the digi.


Hiking is a great October activity.


Should be running.

My new desktop background for sure.

Daylight going into hiding.

Get outta here!

It's time to take a stand!


I had to go, sorry.


Ryan is thirsty.

Top off a great day.

Edit of Monday coming quite soon...


  1. That last picture of Ryan is really, really cool.

  2. FAAACK! You guys are core! First ones on the mountain... Firkin' rocks. Last ones to leave, I'm sure. Stoked on getting back up there for some shreddin' and shootin'. I'll be there with all of my gear.