Sunday, October 18, 2009

36 hour recap..

So heres how it went.. get back from concert at 4am saturday morning, sleep 4 hours. Left for snowshoe at 10am. Greeted by snow, cold, fog, and wind. Its like winter never even left. Scoped the village, headed down the mountain, figure out how to keep ourselves from freezing to death while sleeping that night, back up mountain, back down mountain, dinner, movie night, go to bed happy.

And today.. Up at 9, out by 10, breakfast, up mountain, snowguns on, kicker session. Spent lunch drying out, cameras dont dry out, bye alex, roll log up hill, and session said log.

Pics in a couple days.

Now were all back in town. As if snowboarding the south in mid october couldnt get much better, "cat"aloochee will be turning on the lift at 1pm tomorrow. But were all good college students here. What are we doing? Durn right were headed south. 5 hour drive to our first chairs of the year.. 6pm tomorrow.

See ya there.

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