Sunday, October 31, 2010

False Hopes.

Went up to Snowshoe to go to the Job Fair for our homies and had the hopes of poaching the first manmade snow. Title and pictures can explain we didn't get the chance.

Woke up to some cold and frost.

Top of skidder.

And bottom of skidder, enough said.

Snowshoe did however pick up a dusting of fresh snow which drifted.

Jobba Fair.

Oh! Alex.

We figured might as well scope out the Creek.

Freshies in the woods.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Results: Boo Knob

Got back from Boo Knob this morning at 3 a.m. Ten hours total drive time. Got to shred on some "snow". The comp started with a thirty minute jam session on a short sticky box and the judges picked ten people to move on to the next round. The box was replaced with a ten foot rail, ten people jammed for awhile and the group got eliminated to six. Apparently frontflips on the side of the ramp counts as a rail trick since it is a rail jam. The group of six got a few runs each and had to vote on each other for the final results. After the comp was over it was open to ride for however long we wanted, and we stayed until they cut out the lights. The after session proved to be worth the drive more than the comp itself. We all either learned some new tricks or got our old ones dialed.
Results: 1. Thomas the line cutter 2. Steven Green 3. Bryan something 4. Ryan Holley
Here are some pics of the adventure courtesy of Mal-intent Matt.


The crew plus the photographer Malicious Matt.

Stevie G catchin that edge hard on that fly paper.

Get silly.

Ryan rapes rails. This happens to be a box but you understand.