Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowshoe Park Update..

We have decided to do park updates as much as we can, so here is the first one. A friendly reminder is that we are not affiliated with Snowshoe, we just ride there and want to provide updates of how the park looks. Update and pictures from Saturday the 12th...

Spruce Glades - Open with zero features, but they are cranking out the snow on it.
Powder Monkey Terrain Garden - Open with 5 features. 2 flat boxes, a triangle box, a barrel, and a metal conical object.

Silver Creek
Mountaineer - Not open.
Timberjack - Not open, but with massive whales on it.

10' Surface Box


20' Flat Box

Metal conical object thing.

Triangle Box/Wallride

And rainy today....

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