Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cov Love. HA

We spent another day hanging around in Alleghany county searching for things to hit. Ended up at the mtn lab, Rivermont, and the Va welcome center. We probably would of stuck around the mini ramp all day but we found it missing last night. I just don't see why a pile of snow cannot be left to melt in a parking lot, what harm is it doing, especialy in the K-Mart parking lot! But no, it has to be transported elsewhere to melt somewhere else. Lets waste time, gas, energy and tax money and rid the concrete jungle of all this cold, white stuff. Anyways, enough of me ranting, here are a few shots of todays action.

540 Mtn. Lab glade expansion.

Not sure whats going on here.

Trees can hurt you.

Bout to drop dat line.

Rivermont school place thingy.

Meet ol' Mr. Rusty.

My memory says it's a 14 stair, a bunch of ice covered them so I didn't count today.

Va welcomes you with this.

Dog poop walkways.

Slash that pillow son.

The tree has a face.

Thread the needle.

At the top looking down.

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