Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday 7th/ Monday 10th

Well, Saturday Ryan and I ventured to Edge of the World's rail jam in Banner Elk. Due to both of us doing the comp, no pics of the comp were taken... Sorry : (

Party time.

Heck yeaaa!

Has everything one needs, even gambling.

A cow seemed to have gotten the best of this trailer.

Down time.

The orange dot is the moon, it was purdy.

Now, a few pics from the second monday night jam session at liberty snowflex.

Does anyone skate this other than us?

Ryan rocks.


Splinter me timbers!

The wall, quarter, and pvc rail on top.

New featuressss.

They are as fun as they look, meaning butt loads!


Box to corry pipe gap!

Yes the glass is hot.

The doors to opportunity.

The next few pics are the result of an adventure leading to possibilities. You betcha somethin will come out of this find too!

Cred given where cred due.


There is at least a truckload waiting to be shralped!



Ding Ding Ding!

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