Saturday, November 14, 2009

2009 Snowshoe Open at LMSC

Friday the 13th, Snowshoe hosted a big air and rail jam event at Liberty Snowflex Center. A full day filled with riding, friends, tunes, and good vibes, made this event one of the best of the preseason.

Dirty Jersss Shaqkles.

Peg that speed-oh-meter!

The crowd got pretty big at night.

Finalist Ryan.

Up flat up and Mr. flat.

Park Mark and fryin Ryan.

Justin drinks with the label out cuz that is his sponsor.

Rail Jam Results: 1st Cody Boan, 2nd Luke Fosse, 3rd Ryan Holley.

Sorry the eyes look weird even after red eye removal.

Selling his soul... after I sold mine.

Alex drinks lighter fluid for breakfast.

Chef Processed Meats.

Alex poking to make sure it is dead.

Choppin heads off is what Ryan likes to do in his spare time.



Going in for the kill.

Park Mark wants peace on earth.

Seth and his happy side.

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