Friday, November 27, 2009

Get it on!

Hats tipped to Cataloochee, NC. They tried to open on a cold spell about a month ago but they couldnt quite pull it off. Attempt #2 should go down successfully. From their snow report-

November 27, 2009 Snow Report
"Happy Thanksgiving and thankful we are for you, for friends and family and for the cold weather that has returned to our area. The time is 7pm on Thursday evening the temperature is 24 degrees outside, its been lightly snow since 12 noon today and we began snowmaking at 4pm from top of the quad down, to three quarters of the mountain at 4pm on Thursday afternoon.. Cataloochee will be opening for the 2009/2010 snowsport season on Friday, November 27 for skiing from 1pm until 10pm with weekday and student rates in effect. Midweek season passes will also be valid on Friday. Once again we will open for the 2009/2010 season at 1pm on Friday for skiing from 1pm until 10pm with weekday rates in effect. We will update this report by 9am on Friday morning as to which slopes will be open and to base depth."

Get em cat. Meanwhile in the WV, were waiting on snowshoe to give actual word on what they will be doing. Odds are that they will get a ten inch dump, and not open. But thats alright, cuz they will get poached whether they like it or not, as always.

Other possible openings this weekend include Sugar, NC and maybe even App. Stoked for them. If snowshoe wasnt expecting snow, bet that we'd be there.

Hope to have a lil update tomorrow night from the lodge.
Peace, Love, and Shred.

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