Monday, November 30, 2009

Over the Weekend

Here is some pics of this last weekend up at Snowshoe... Fun times son.

Nov. 27 Day 1.

Winter driving conditions.

Poor visibility too : )

Ryan the thug.

Look dem trees all froze and such.

Art for the Heart.

Ryan doesn't know he is a snowboarder so he must wear it on his shirt.


Wind blown froze.

Fill'r up boy.

Spit'r out boy.

Day 2.

Pretty Snowshoe Mt.

Ready for some work?

Before labor.

During labor.

After labor.

Looks like a good ol' time, it was.

A little bit of dukey.

Yup Yup.


Snowshoe's shining sun slowly setting.

Get those shots.

Made snow all day, i'm proud.

Day 3.

More work to do.

Going out to lunch.

Sadly it didn't look the same when we got back.

Buffalo running free.

The best eating anywhere at Snowshoe.

Great food, cheap, and a friendly staff.

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