Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowshoe Park Update.

Terrain Park Update As of 12/18/10
Snowshoe Basin Area:
Powdermonkey Small Park: butterbox, surface box, 2 small rails, flat-down box, down box, and a small jump.
Spruce Glades Large Park: gap on flat round rail, two medium jumps, superman/kicker box, OG street style down rail, gap on flat rail, and a gap on flat down rail.
Silver Creek:
Robertson's Run Small Park: two surface boxes, mini rainbow rail, two small jumps, two small flat rails, small up rail, mini rainbow box.
Timberjack Medium Park: Open with zero features.
Mountaineer Large Park: Closed.

Spruce Glades Large Park:


Round Rail.

Looking down from the left side of the round rail.

First medium jump.

From the left side of the first jump.

Superman/kicker box or whatever you wanna call it.

Left side of the box.

Second medium jump.

Park crew workin hard shovelin snow.

Flat Rail.

OG Street Style Down Bar.

Flat Down rail.

Looking up from the left side of the flat down rail.

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