Tuesday, December 7, 2010

App Anniversary and Rome Pre-Jib.

Headed down to App last weekend for the $5 lift-tic anniversary weekend and Rome Premature Jibulation. Learned some tricks, meet some friends, and most importantly had some fun.

4 hour drive never felt better.

"Welcome to App!" -One of our many sayings from this trip, being it was Stevie G's first visit.

The crowd was not actually that bad.

Except if you wanted to go to the, top.

After our heated wait getting our park passes, we actually got outside.

The lunch of bums.

Trying to live the luxury life on Saturday night, along with the roaches.

Then woke up to windy pow drifts Sunday, ah winter is here.

About this time is when Stevie G. got ahold of my camera.


Warning: Stevie G. will take ten pictures of himself in different poses if he gets ahold of your camera. Contents under pressure. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

You know how it is.

Is sexting illegal for adults?

Ryan and his pet bird.

Heat source, flock to it!


Departure. : (

On the plus, got home to inch and a half of snow.

Little fella can't hang.

For pics of the comp, check out Kyle Beckmann's photography skills. His site and his facebook
Also keep a look out for SouthEast Snow's full event recap coming soon!

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