Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Snowshoe Mountain decided to open up two days early with all the snow they have been getting, so we headed up last night and shredded today. Take a looky at the pics of the adventure and watch their opening day video at the end. Peace.

Tight pants Stevie G.

Ryan gets angry easily.

I lost the rock paper scissors game for the bed.

Dawn. No, not really.

Expect winter weather driving.

Oh yeaaa.

Greggy B. and Tick decided to join in on the fun, Ol' Puff Daddy needs to keep an eye on the snow.

Rowdy Ryan is excited, not angry anymore.

Alex slippin' in the picture of the rope.

We got first chair on Ballhooter, and actually, this isn't the picture of us getting first chair.

Ballhooter snowmaking fog.

We had to leave cuz Rowdy had to go to work.

Uhnnn gettin' shots.

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