Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So little time, so much fun.

With Snowshoe's recent cold spell, they were able to push out a crazy amount of snow. With everyone's schedules hard to work around, this was a short evening trip minus Rowdy Ryan who had to work. Notable happenings of the day, Stevie G and Alex landed some backflips and Sunny Seth got in a MMA fight with himself. We got a few shots we may put out in an edit here soon, until then here's some eye candy.

Stevie G goin' for a hike.

Alex spells "run" outloud while he shovels snow.

An den he gets in scenic shots.

An den he tries to bury me in snow.


Look just your size!

An den he flattens out the run in.

Sunny Seth is a workhorse, goes hard with that shovel.

An den Sunny Seth goes too hard for his lip.

Pole Jam setup next to the kicker.

Stevie G spinnin' free.

Stevie G goin' bonkers!

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