Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Snowshoe Open Coverage.

Tonight was a long night out at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre hosting the 2010 Snowshoe Open. The new butterbox Snowshoe unveiled is freakin' fun and it's gonna be awesome this winter at Snowshoe. We didn't get any footage but here is a few pics. Enjoy.

Snowflex from the parking lot.

Blurry, but that's ok cuz Big Foot's pics are always blurry.

The setup, Snowshoe's new butterbox with the optional gap on down box.

Rail Jam finalists, ski on the top of the list and snowboarders on the bottom. Yeaaa Rowdy Ryan.

Everyone rollin' out after people went crazy in Big Air.

Rowdy Ryan Holley gettin' third place!

Snowboard Rail Jam Results:
1st - Casey Reed
2nd - Bryan Glenn
3rd - Ryan Holley
Not sure on all the other results, peace!

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