Saturday, January 2, 2010

Southern Arts and Crafts: The Tie Dye

So ya wanna know how to Tie Dye? See all the people at the resorts with killer tie dye shirts that they probably bought for $20 somewhere? Well this will teach you how to make your own. Obviously there are a bunch of ways to do things, but this is how I do mine.


-Dyes obviously... Got mine at walmart for less than $2 a color... Don't use Rit dye, its no good.
-Squirt Bottles... mine are from a previous tie dye kit... i have used plan ole drink bottles with a hole in the lid... just something to put the dye in and then out onto the fabric.

Rubber bands and whatever you wanna dye. Use some old dingy white shirts or just get some new white ones.


Rubber band up some shirts. Different ways will produce different designs. Here are a few designs.
The sunburst or bulls eye- Lay shirt flat, pick up from middle, rubber band however many times.
The swirl or spiral- Lay shirt flat, spin shirt from middle point, rubber band to make different sections.
Stripes- Lay shirt flat, roll either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, rubber band off some sections.

Next get the shirt wet before dying it, make sure to wring out all the water possible though.

Dye each section different colors, then when done with one shirt, wrap it in plastic wrap. Let shirts set for 6 or more hours, then undo all the rubber bands and wash them all together with little soap. Dry and they are done!

Ex. of Results.

A swirly and stripes.

A special design I did... Bulls eye and stripes... Seemed to have made a sort of face, or boobs where boobs would normally go in the shirt.

Hope you make some cool shirts and have fun... Try not to piss off mother and father or roommates with the mess you make. Each time you will get better and learn how to do new things and make shirts look better. Peace.

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