Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowshoe Park Update.

As of 1/8/10 at the Snowshoe basin area
Spruce Glades Terrain Park - Coffin box, two medium jumps (first one a step up), flat down rail, c-box, up flat down rail, down rail, two wallrides (Red Bull wallride has a ledge).
Powder Monkey Terrain Garden - surface box, flat box, up flat rail, flat down box, triangle box.

As of 1/10/10 at Silver Creek
Mountaineer Terrain Park - three rails(various length and slopes), banked rail, c-box, medium jump, flat up flat box, rainbow rail.
Halfpipe in Mountaineer - has been made into a sort of jib pipe containing: ollie on rail, barrel, two tractor tires, vertical picnic table, and oil drum.
Timberjack Terrain Garden - two flat boxes, one down rail, two flat rails, three small jumps, and metal cone.

Spruce Glades:


Coffin or banked box.

Two jumps.


Down rail below the flat down rail.

The wallrides.

Powder Monkey:



Left one slanted a bit upwards.

Right side of the pipe.

Left side.

I c you.

I'd say its about 15'-20'.

Flat rail... kinda sloped down?

Get kinky.


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